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TaptIn - All it takes to break the ice is a little Tap. connects you to the most popular bars, restaurants, clubs, lounges and happening events! Quickly and easily see drink specials, Happy Hours, music (who and what’s playing), cover charges and other crucial info! Check-in and discover exclusive promos and even more specials. As a bonus, connect with other nearby guests, venue staff or maybe even the band/DJ. You never know who you may meet and chat up!

 TaptIn - All it takes to break the ice is a little Tap. doesn’t save your personal info, or post to your social media without your permission. The moment you decide to dip out– *poof* –your totally Taptivating profile vanishes from the venue.

Have fun and save money with TaptIn.


You can access a list of participating TaptIn - All it takes to break the ice is a little Tap. venues from the “Nearby Locations” page. The “Nearby Locations” page pops up whenever the TaptIn - All it takes to break the ice is a little Tap. app is opened out of range of any of our specified, geo-fenced locations. You can select locations based on their proximity to you, or even by the special promotions they’re currently offering. Pretty slick.

Getting started is easy like Sunday morning. Once you confirm your location, you’ll be prompted to select and set up the perfect profile for making others aware of your awesomeness.

When you happen upon that someone that tickles your fancy, select them on the Guest List to view their profile. From their profile screen, you’ll be given the option to chat them up.

A reasonably alluring selfie (exercise best judgment) is never a bad places to start. After that, our optional ice breaker questions serve as a terrific to enchant other Tappers. The more questions you answers, the likelier it is that you’ll be Tapt. Ya dig?

Profiles can be changed just as easily as your mood, and probably as direct a result of it. From the “Create Profile” page, you can edit specific info, or even change your profile type entirely at your leisure. Head back to your profile via the “My Profile” image button, and edit as much or as little as you like. Each update you make will move your profile listing to the top of the home screen, showcasing it for the world (aka venue) to see. Bonus.

Profile types can be changed from the Create Profile page. Select either the “Save & Continue” button or the check mark in the upper right corner, and you’ll be prompted with all other available profile types. Each profile type has a unique set of questions that go along with it, which is 0.5 (half) the fun!

We admire your sense of opportunism. You can explore specials by clicking on the adorable,  pink “Promos & Info” button ( which can be found in both the upper, right-hand corner of the Guest List, as well as the Nearby Locations), or the handsome, scrolling ticker line (at the bottom of the screen). You aren’t going to want to miss out on any of these dazzling deals, so remember to stay vigilant. 

Yes! When you’re not at a TaptIn - All it takes to break the ice is a little Tap. location, the “Nearby Locations” page will present you with a list of participating TaptIn - All it takes to break the ice is a little Tap. venues, as well as their featured specials. What are you still doing here?

Your satisfaction is all the thanks we need. Now that you mention it, though, feel free to tell your friends about us. You can also send feedback if you want to share ideas, suggestions, or just drop us a line. TaptIn always cares about what you have say. Now get out there and get Tapping.