YOU Look GOOD (photo content)

A BIG thank you to Cornerstone and everybody that made it out to The TaptIn - All it takes to break the ice is a little Tap. Ice Breaker Beta Bash!

Wow, check out how incredibly, unbelievably good-looking you all look:

Leprechaun Lap (bar crawl content)

Feeling lucky? Come get TaptIn - All it takes to break the ice is a little Tap. to the fun at DC’s Official Kick-Off to St. Paddy’s Day!

Use the promo code TAPTIN for a 20% discount on ticket prices!

TaptIn - All it takes to break the ice is a little Tap. is partnering with Lindy Promotions and Coors Light to proudly bring you the 14th annual, Leprechaun Lap.

Bar hop around to 15 different Dupont area bars with thousands of your closest Irish friends! All the while you will be able to enjoy:
$2 Coors Lights, $3 Blue Moons, $4 Three Olives Vodka Drinks, $4 Bushmills & Bailey’s, and various food & shot specials!

Don’t miss DC’s Biggest Irish Celebration!
Register in person at one of these three convenient locations: Blackfinn Ameripub – DCJames Hoban’s Irish Restaurant & Bar, and Mackey’s!
Or at our even more convenient location, the INTERNET!

And don’t forget to use the promo code TAPTIN for 20% off ticket prices!

And hey, feel free to enjoy our Facebook event page.

leplap cover

Ice Breaker Bash (party content)

Do YOU have a calendar?!

If you answered “yes” (or even “no”) to the previous question, then you had better sit down. Now get back up and mark Feb 13th. The TaptIn - All it takes to break the ice is a little Tap. App is throwing our College Park Beta Launch party and you are NOT going to want to miss it. Get ready for refreshments, games, mobile apps, photos, raffles, prizes, entertainment, free swag & MORE!

Where? Get TaptIn - All it takes to break the ice is a little Tap. at The Cornerstone Grill & Loft

When? Friday, February the 13th

When, like, specifically? Happy hour – Close!

How? What am I, your personal assistant? Listen, we’ll keep you abreast of all relevant info.

So, whether you’re looking for some pre-Valentine’s carousal, you happen to work at Cornerstone, or you’re just the kind of person that, fundamentally, refuses to miss out on an opportunity to party, get ready to get TaptIn - All it takes to break the ice is a little Tap..

#GetTaptIn #BreakCP

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Sharing = Caring (video content)

How does one get the word out about something new? Historically, shouting your news from the highest peak of the tallest mountaintop has proven to be an effective means of generating substantial buzz in the valleys below. If you have a vested interest in a more diverse audience than hikers and/or mountain goats, however, you might consider exploring alternative methods of promotion.

Nowadays, our town criers are bloggers and Tweeters, tolling hashtag handbells down pathways of push notifications, alerting us to hyperlinks that require our immediate attention. Whether they be in the form of news, advertisements, or cats, it’s likely that most (if not all) somehow incorporate video.

“Video is exploding.” Facebook’s Sheryl Sandberg was recently heard to remark at the Interactive Advertising Bureau’s conference in New York. I wasn’t there, or anything (I read the abbreviated version in my daily MMA SmartBrief spam), but I imagine the audience understood she wasn’t telling any tales out of school.

We find ourselves drawn to these videos like ants to the delicious crumbs surrounding my desk. One ant inevitably tells a friend about the crumbs, that ant tells a grasshopper, and very soon you’re faced with infestation. Unfortunately, even though I am able to capably and beautifully illustrate viral marketing in it’s most basic form, I cannot claim to be an expert on “going viral”.

In viral media, the chicken-egg paradox of popularity vs. reach is a curious conundrum, to be sure. As is the prospect of utilizing social media to market a social media platform. The humor isn’t lost on us. But you can bet your bottom blogger that you can, and will get lost, in such a chaotic, competitive, and saturated marketplace, unless you’re prepared to set yourself apart from the rest.

Here’s our take on the promo video (he segued opportunistically). Give it a watch, and let us know how we did. Then Comment, Like, Upvote, Forward, and phone a friend. Spread the word! It’ll sure make my job easier.

Thanks in advance,
A. Buttercup Mazer
Creative Dir, Social Mediator, First of his name

P.S. Very special thanks to Travestee Films and Tommy Joe’s

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