Sharing = Caring (video content)

How does one get the word out about something new? Historically, shouting your news from the highest peak of the tallest mountaintop has proven to be an effective means of generating substantial buzz in the valleys below. If you have a vested interest in a more diverse audience than hikers and/or mountain goats, however, you might consider exploring alternative methods of promotion.

Nowadays, our town criers are bloggers and Tweeters, tolling hashtag handbells down pathways of push notifications, alerting us to hyperlinks that require our immediate attention. Whether they be in the form of news, advertisements, or cats, it’s likely that most (if not all) somehow incorporate video.

“Video is exploding.” Facebook’s Sheryl Sandberg was recently heard to remark at the Interactive Advertising Bureau’s conference in New York. I wasn’t there, or anything (I read the abbreviated version in my daily MMA SmartBrief spam), but I imagine the audience understood she wasn’t telling any tales out of school.

We find ourselves drawn to these videos like ants to the delicious crumbs surrounding my desk. One ant inevitably tells a friend about the crumbs, that ant tells a grasshopper, and very soon you’re faced with infestation. Unfortunately, even though I am able to capably and beautifully illustrate viral marketing in it’s most basic form, I cannot claim to be an expert on “going viral”.

In viral media, the chicken-egg paradox of popularity vs. reach is a curious conundrum, to be sure. As is the prospect of utilizing social media to market a social media platform. The humor isn’t lost on us. But you can bet your bottom blogger that you can, and will get lost, in such a chaotic, competitive, and saturated marketplace, unless you’re prepared to set yourself apart from the rest.

Here’s our take on the promo video (he segued opportunistically). Give it a watch, and let us know how we did. Then Comment, Like, Upvote, Forward, and phone a friend. Spread the word! It’ll sure make my job easier.

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A. Buttercup Mazer
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P.S. Very special thanks to Travestee Films and Tommy Joe’s